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Jisp: outlining the benefits of nearshoring with WaveAccess

Published January 19, 2021

In his interview, Julian Fisher, the founder and CEO of Jisp, outlines the advantages of nearshoring with WaveAccess, and also shares how he keeps track of his project’s progress and how the risks are distributed during the project development.


Julian Fisher is the founder and CEO of jisp, a lifestyle app that digitises products and experiences to bring the best of online into physical spaces. Ten years ago, Julian chose WaveAccess as a nearshoring partner to develop his project. Several times a year, he comes to Saint-Petersburg to meet the development team in person. 

What benefits did nearshoring with WaveAccess bring you? 

The great thing is obviously the cost. It was the first reason why I came to Saint Petersburg with our project, because it was going to be more affordable than in the UK. Eventually, it went quickly. The team was not “yes-people”: they were honest and truthful about the work, so that we had a good relationship. 

You tend to understand this so much later, so the first thing you look at is if they can do the job, what is the cost, can we afford it, can they deliver. So for me, the cost was the initial thing. As a startup, we experienced the lack of resources, there wasn’t enough money. But eventually, there was the talent pool, the relationship, and the ongoing opportunity to work with the team that actually cared about the project. So that’s why we paid WaveAccess, and that’s why we stayed with WaveAccess. 

How much do you think nearshoring with WaveAccess reduced the time to market?  

Having a team already in place, with all the component talent that was necessary, is remarkably important to delivering a project to market really quickly. You can pool together the team you need, then pick some talent you haven’t got, and bring it in into the team even if it’s on a temporary basis.

The nearshoring start of it was critical. It was the only way we were ever going to deliver this project to the market. 

How do you keep track of your project's progress? 

Part of the work that allows us to understand the process is reporting. So we always get weekly reports of where the project is. This is provided to us in the form where we can see what everyone is doing, what results are, where they’ve been placed, what projects are coming up - where everyone is, and what are they doing. In such a complicated project as we have, with lots of moving parts, an overview is a very important part. 

How were the risks distributed during the project development with WaveAccess?

The risk is shared, because we always express why we need a feature, when we need it by. The more complicated the feature, the greater is the risk. For example, we’ve been working on complete reskinning of Jisp: some major bit of programming, and it involved a lot of people. There’s enormous risk, because there are so many moving parts, so many people. The risk is shared, actually, the risk is on both sides. The team knows what they need to deliver, when they need it to deliver by. The risk for us is that we can find some element that is challenging to deliver. This is the risk business, this is the risk that we share. We want the same outcome, and ultimately the responsibility of that goes on the both of us. 


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