Train your own AI on your incoming data with ValueAI

We built ValueAI to process any incoming text data for any department: from a Support Team to a Marketing Department. The only thing ValueAI needs from you is your labeled accumulated data to train on.

To create ValueAI, we brought together seasoned data scientists, senior developers, and top-notch UI experts — so you can get quick and easy results without a single line of code.

Now, skip the busy work: after your data is uploaded, ValueAI helps you to prepare the data array and train the model to process YOUR requests in hours instead of weeks.

Get the most accurate notifications and stop wasting your time on manual sorting over and over again!

We help you bring orderTo your incoming requests

Classify by a type

Classify by a type

ValueAI learns to define the type of request, so you can easily and visually tell a technical request from a lead, and a support question from a demo request. Timesaver!
Analyze by urgency

Analyze by urgency

Improve your SLA by letting ValueAI analyze which requests should be processed first, depending on their urgency (for example, from your Tier 1 clients).
Prioritize using Marginal Analysis

Prioritize by potential margin

Based on the marginal analysis of your previous requests, ValueAI will “read" incoming leads like a salesperson. It will detect new leads with a higher deal closing potential automatically.

How ValueAI worksValueAI learns by examples, so show it some cases of the data you need to analyze in the form of a labeled dataset - the larger, the better!

Train as many models as you wish with ValueAI And choose the metrics Based on these reports

The Profiling report section shows you information about the dataset and recommendations on how to further improve it.
The Overview shows data categories and highlights the most common issues: missing values, duplicates, correlations. It contains many useful graphs that will help you estimate data and see if it is ready for ML training.
Shows issues with data that may prevent successful training (like high correlation between columns, etc). Basically, the tool organizers data by itself. However, if you follow the recommendations and improve the set, the tool will perform stronger and stronger.
The Analytic Graphs section builds many different graphs (PCA, UMAP, and more) and also shows details about the text contained in requests.
Shows data distribution according to the PCA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm.
Shows data distribution according to the UMAP (Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection) algorithm.
Shows what words your audience uses and how often they are using them. The Tag Cloud also shows how these words affect the model.
Shows mutual distribution of samples between two selected variables.
Shows correlation coefficients between variables. Each cell in the table shows the correlation between two variables. A correlation matrix is used to summarize data, as an input into a more advanced analysis, and as a diagnostic for advanced analyses.

Train Your Own AI Tailored for your business needs

Classify by a type

Work in the Cloud or On-premises

If you own an enterprise datacenter or work with sensitive data, the tool is delivered on-premises.
Analyze by urgency

No Machine Learning skill required

The visual interface Wizard will lead you through all of the process, from loading an *.xls to data profiling and training.
Prioritize using Marginal Analysis

Production ready

Once you have a perfectly performing AI model, you can then integrate it into your enterprise infrastructure via the REST API.
Classify by a type


Parallel instances help speed up your data processing and scale up/down the required resources based on the amount of data.
Analyze by urgency

Automated data profiling

The tool detects problems with your dataset (missing data, duplicate rows) and shows how to solve them in a separate Warnings report.
Prioritize using Marginal Analysis

100% customizable

Before delivering the tool, we further customize it for your business vertical. We can develop new types of reports based specifically on your business goals.
Request a demo and see how raw data will become a trained model in less than an hour!
Request a demo

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Jisp & WaveAccess: a 10-years collaboration

Let us share a story of a 10-year successful collaboration between WaveAccess and Jisp, a lifestyle app that digitizes products and experiences to bring the best of online into physical spaces. Watch the interview with Julian Fisher, the founder and CEO of Jisp.

Jisp: outlining the benefits of nearshoring with WaveAccess

In his interview, Julian Fisher, the founder and CEO of Jisp, outlines the advantages of nearshoring with WaveAccess, and also shares how he keeps track of his project’s progress and how the risks are distributed during the project development.

2.5 years of successful technological partnership

In this testimonial, Esper Riis, project manager at SKOV A/S, shares details of Episcope intelligent platform project for farms, impressions of nearshoring with WaveAccess and mutual plans for platform optimization.

The advantages of a long-term nearshoring partnership

Paul Alston, Director of Syncronology, shares his positive experience of nearshoring with WaveAccess. in his opinion, exceptional coding, risk management, and a proactive approach are the primary qualities of WaveAccess company.

We have been considering Machine Learning as a part of our IT toolbox, but had a very little understanding of how the technology works in reality and, what’s more, how we can actually apply it to our processes smoothly and most efficiently. The Data Science experts have examined our business tasks in order to suggest the best potential applications of Machine Learning specifically to our challenges, and have outlined what transformation will that entail. It was really instrumental in helping us identify key focus areas and putting together a solid action plan. WaveAccess’ level of expertise provided can be rated at the highest level. It was definitely an excellent investment of time and budget!
We have worked with WaveAccess to integrate the BaseCon smart pharmacovigilance platform with Viedoc, an EDC system for pre-certificate clinical trials. The key tech challenge was to create a flexible editor of mapping and connection details and WaveAccess handled it really well. It was a side project for Basecon and we don’t have an inhouse team for such things, so finding such a reliable and skillful team as WaveAccess as a nearshoring partner was a relief. Our plans at the moment are to use this integration for at least one client till the end of the calendar year and we would definitely consider WaveAccess for future projects.
I worked with Waveaccess on several projects since 2000. All these projects have been high quality, delivered on time and in budget. They proved to be a good advisor on different technical matters so I'm always open to their ideas and suggestions. I can recommend them as a reliable partner to work with.
RD Software
We have been working with WaveAccess for over 2 years on projects relating to software development and the search for scientific applications. We are very impressed with how quickly the professionals at WaveAccess understand the use cases needed by scientists and realise them in the software. The WaveAccess team responded quickly to any hiccups and took care of them immediately. The staff are very professional and reliable in terms of communication. I would recommend WaveAccess for any of your software development needs.
Waveaccess client thomson reuters
I have worked with Wave Access for over 10 years now via several companies and they have always delivered what I want on time and on budget. We have worked together on web projects, integration, data loading, building de novo platforms, supporting and further developing legacy code, documentation, and mobile apps. Now my company supports the life science community by curating data and providing knowledge mining services. The WaveAccess team embraces our goals, and I am happy with their work products.
Bio Rancho logo
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How we process your personal data

When you submit the completed form, your personal data will be processed by WaveAccess Services. Due to our international presence, your data may be transferred and processed outside the country where you reside or are located. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.