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PainRecorder application allows patients to record their feelings about the pains they experience and to transfer this information to the server application where doctors will be able to read this information either before the patients' first visit or to adjust assigned treatment after the first visit was made to adjust the treatment.

PainRecorder application is not designed to be used instead of standard "patient to doctor" visits but as a complementary thing that allows patients to be better prepared for the first visit and allows doctors to get more accurate anamnesis of the patients. After the first visit PainRecorder application can be used as an additional channel of communication between patients and doctors, where patients can inform their doctors about their condition (ex. The pain appears in the stomach area still but now after several hours) and the doctors are able to adjust the treatment (for example to change the pills doze).

More precisely the patients will be able to indicate the specific area where they feel the pain and to record what they have eaten before, to answer some additional questions as well as to make a picture of skin (if it is required).

The current prototype works on Windows Phone. The server side is Skydrive, but the smart phone part can be easily changed to connect to any other server application.

  • PainRecorder application can be integrated with Microsoft CRM online
  • It can also be integrated with any existing medical system

Main features:

  • Record and save your pain history.
  • Access your medical information anytime from anywhere with your smartphone.
  • Inform the doctor about your pain or symptoms and get the prescriptions immediately.
  • Improve the accuracy of diagnosis and increase the effectiveness of treatment.


  • You will be able to set the date and the time when you had the pain.
  • You can select the products you have eaten recently, the time and the way they were cooked.
  • If necessary, you can make a photo of your skin and save it with comments
  • After you gather enough information, you can send your symptoms to the doctor directly from PainRecorder.


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