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Is immediate support service necessary for my CRM users?

Sure support of CRM users is one of the key factors for customer to make their choice of CRM integrator in the favour of your company, and CRM integrators should provide such a service to attract and keep their clients.

However because of lack of available knowledgeable recourses MS CRM partner often is not able to address users’ requests really quickly. But what will happen if the customer needs to get the answers immediately (since now its employees cannot perform what they need) it will go to the bigger Microsoft CRM partner who has more support resources.

How is support provided now?

CRM integrators wishing to improve their users’ satisfaction while having not enough support resources have now two general options to deliver the help desk service:

  • Providing email address or support request form on the web site are popular ways of delivering support service, but they are at the same time the most inefficient and time-consuming from the customer’s perspective; from the other side your personnel gets lots of emails and requests they just can’t handle.
  • Support over the phone is much faster way, but with a lack of support personnel the line gets busy very quickly and so customers get dissatisfied either redialing the number again and again or waiting in a queue while operators are explaining other users how to solve their problems. The other important shortcoming of phone support is the impossibility of sending links.

It’s obvious that both of these ways do not solve your customers’ problems and therefore do not improve their loyalty to your company.

How can WaveAccess service help me to provide instant support for my customers?

WaveAccess offers you a qualified support team consisting of Microsoft certified professionals with years of experience in Dynamics CRM. Our team is led by Hans Veldman – the world famous CRM expert with unsurpassed expertise in implementing Dynamics CRM for small and enterprise organizations, technical and functional areas of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We provide instant support service via our OnlineHelp live chat and screen sharing tools embedded into Dynamics CRM that eliminates the shortcomings of email and phone support services. From user’s perspective it is just an OnlineHelp button on Microsoft CRM toolbar, and as soon as he or she faces a problem the user clicks this button and a support person starts speaking with him or her in the chat or initiates a screen sharing session to take control over user’s mouse and keyboard and eliminate the problem.

For your CRM OnlineHelp supports saving all support activities as Cases and Service Activities: it allows tracking of support quality, counting support hours and billing your customers.

OnlineHelp - Created case OnlineHelp - Created case

You don’t have to create a big support department – we already have a qualified team that is ready to provide immediate help service for your customers in the name of your company and bring you profit. The only thing you need to do is to include OnlineHelp in your CRM implementation.

My name is Hans Veldman. I have large experiences in implementing Dynamics CRM for small and enterprise organizations. My specialties are on Technical and Functional areas of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I’m a Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Professional Consultant.

Examples of questions you can ask me:
  • I get 401 unauthoriazed error — what can I do?
  • I have a problem with SRS setup. Could you help me?
  • More »
I’m here available to answer all kinds of questions.

My name is Sergei Gusev. I’m a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and Business Management Solutions Specialist for Microsoft Dynamic CRM 4.0 Installation, Deployment, Customization and Configuration.

Here I am, available, just for you.

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